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Event Marketing

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Participation in an event, such as a trade show, can provide an excellent opportunity to increase the visibility of one's brand and to make new contacts.

But besides that, why is it so important to participate in a trade show? Let's see it together:

The importance of attending trade shows.

In this hyper-connected world of ours, where we reach out to potential customers and collaborators via technology, with online meetings, where we are able to intercept their needs via a corporate website or social media page, why would we need to attend a trade show?

Why invest in participation in a trade show?

What benefits can we gain from such an event?

Trade shows have always been regarded as growth opportunities for companies. In fact, they are generally always included in budgets, as they are an infallible method of presenting products to the target audience. True, nowadays we also have online shop windows, but how can a company present not only the image of the product, but also the scent, the taste, the touch ... the senses?

Never before have we been able to meet our potential customers in the flesh like at a trade show, look them in the eye, shake their hand, have a chat, make acquaintances! This direct approach is irreplaceable by technology and companies that have experienced it in the past would never do without it.

In a given timeframe, all potential customers in the industry are concentrated in one confined location, and it is precisely this meeting of sales and potential customers that makes it possible to acquire a new customer base in a shorter time.

The environment of a trade show accelerates the acquisition of contacts, the meeting of colleagues or the finding of suppliers useful for growing a business. Because it is precisely business that is put at the center of the meeting.

In addition, companies can increase their online and offline presence by focusing on increasing their brand awareness. An increasingly competitive marketplace necessarily requires companies to differentiate themselves through a stronger brand identity. With greater visibility and stronger brand identity, corporate reputation will also be rewarded!

Aiming for attention to every detail, taking care to maintain a consistent brand identity: this is the right approach when deciding to participate in a trade show and the benefits will not be long in coming. So, watch your marketing, whether online or offline!

In fact, the trade show must be strategically embedded in a multi-channel marketing logic that allows the company to make its brand known in its target sector.

Careful and timely preparation is necessary to prepare for participation in an event.

Only good organization, adequate presentation of the brand and its products, and perfect marketing communication can make participation in a trade show a worthwhile and memorable moment.

Below are the steps that we believe are essential to follow if you decide to participate in such an event.


  • Definition of objectives

  • Budget Setting

  • Team creation and organization

  • Definition of a communication plan

  • Definition of an action plan

  • Creation of promotional material

  • Stand design

  • Contact invitation

  • Post-fair organization

BrandingBizz's role, as a marketing agency, is precisely to manage the entire communication during the business' participation in the event, from the management of the application process (contract, communication with the organizing staff, etc.), to post-event marketing (mailing and contact feedback).

For further information please contact us:

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