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Global reach from the comfort of your sofa

Updated: May 27, 2021

by Louise Pimm

Who would have thought buzzwords like lockdown, quarantine and pandemic would be part of our everyday language?!

However, thanks to Covid-19, it’s not just these words that are sitting at the top of our vocabulary list, “e-commerce” - the golden pot of opportunities for successful businesses - has joined them.

Due to the growing digitisation of our world, entrepreneurs and businesses are investing and developing their e-commerce strategies to survive. But what exactly is e-commerce? … Essentially, online shopping.

The internet has opened up a world of opportunities for those businesses that trade online. Unlike physical stores that are stuck in one place, the web gives your business a global reach. Comprising all business or commercial transactions made online, e-commerce is essential for a positive ROI, acquiring local customers as well as those on the other side of the world and, with technological innovations that make internet transactions more secure, customers use e-commerce in their millions every day. If you want your business to do the same you need to discover how it can work for you BrandingBizz can help.

In these unusual times where social distancing (another buzzword) is vital, having a business that can operate and trade online is key. Social distancing measures have significantly disrupted how we shop. Physical stores and businesses have suffered immensely, but those companies operating via e-commerce have seen positive trends in their trajectories.

We now prefer e-commerce to physical shopping - we avoid queues, the annoying traffic and we can read reviews and compare products when buying online. E-commerce has revolutionised retail. We buy clothes, food, presents and services online all from the comfort of our sofa. These habits are unlikely to change. The future influence of e-commerce will be far greater than it has ever been. If you’re not on the web, it won’t merely be challenging to survive, it will be impossible.

BrandingBizz knows that an e-commerce website is fundamental for your business: “Whether it’s digital marketing, newsletters, content marketing, or social media, you need a presence on the web where your customers can engage with your brand. BrandingBizz has years of experience in this field. We know that a successful website is all about how easy it is to use. We create sites that allow you to attract, engage and, more importantly, create an experience where your clients will want to hit that “buy now” or “contact us” button.”

Ariane Frasson, BrandingBizz Co-Founder

BrandingBizz is your digital marketing team: “Our knowledge about search engine optimisation will see your website ranking soar. We will boost your marketing strategies, get you noticed locally and globally, improve your SEO, increase visibility on social media platforms and we can do all this in an economically viable way”.

Lisa Ryen, BrandingBizz Co-Founder

E-commerce is more cost-effective than setting up a physical shop. Digital marketing is more budget friendly than traditional modes of advertising. With an online presence you can work on a targeted market and email marketing costs less than billboard adverts. With a mix of traditional and digital marketing, you can have a cost-effective marketing strategy that brings more global and local traffic than just using conventional methods.

E-commerce can also be fun and a great way to show a personal side of your business. Social media is not just a social channel anymore, it is a platform that lets retailers sell their products directly to their audience. We can purchase products through the “Buy” button on Facebook or Instagram’s “Checkout”. For many would-be-buyers social media is the first point of contact with any business. We can read reviews from real users, follow our favourite brands and we are more likely to buy products from these positive connections.

BrandingBizz will take care of your social media exposure to continuously influence your audience to connect with your brand.

Businesses that do not have an e-commerce system in place will lose out in the years to come as buyer habits become increasingly digitally oriented.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact BrandingBizz today to help you reach your business goals.

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