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Digital advertising: how much and how to invest for your company?

Updated: May 9, 2023

What are the tools of digital advertising?

The world of online advertising is evolving rapidly and new tools and opportunities present themselves every day for marketers. Digital advertising is an essential component of communication strategies for any business to compete in an extremely competitive environment. Brands can be sponsored via numerous tools on the web, and in fact companies have multiplied their investments in online activities. Digital Advertising has unique features for those who have to plan and monitor a promotional campaign: it allows multiplying contact channels, tracking the behavior of potential customers and analyzing all available data.

The most common used tools in digital advertising are:

  1. Google ads is a form of online advertising in which the advertiser pays to get its ad in first position on Google or other search engines. The ad will then appear as a search result when a potential customer enters a keyword or phrase on the Internet.

  2. Social advertising is the interactive advertising within the various social networks, i.e. all those paid sponsoring and social media marketing activities that can be published via advertisements and banners on the various platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, etc.

  3. Banner advertising is a type of online advertising, also known as display advertising, which, by means of ads with creative content in a rectangular format, which are called 'banners', are displayed at the top, side or bottom of a given website, with the aim of directing traffic to the advertiser's site, generating brand awareness and visibility.

  4. Native advertising refers to all advertising formats that look and feel like the original, personal or editorial content of the platforms hosting them. In other words, the contents of Native ads are integrated in a homogeneous and less invasive way, compared to display advertising, both in terms of content and graphic appearance, within the display of a content, so that they do not affect the browsing experience in any way.

Pro tip: Native advertising is currently the most popular mode of online advertising with the best return on investment.

What are the advantages of digital advertising?

  • Limited budgets compared to traditional advertising

  • Flexibility in use and management

  • Immediate measurability of results

However, a digital advertising campaign must include the following basic activities:

Website creation: without a virtual presence, the entrepreneur cannot promote his or her business. The Internet is the main channel for digital sponsorship and contributes decisively to the success of an advertising campaign. The website must be attractive, functional and above all navigable. Try it out with the Strikingly website creation platform!

Setting up an ecommerce: the virtual shop is essential for the promotion of a business. Even a beginner can use various software to set up the catalog, coordinate orders, optimize shipments and administer reviews. Simplicity in a few clicks!

Content Marketing: content is another key element of digital advertising, attracting possible customers to a blog or website. The formats are varied and include videos, posts, articles, podcasts and webinars. Content curation is the essence!

SEO: the site only generates results if it appears among the first search results. Google evaluates several elements to determine ranking and Search Engine Optimization is one of the main factors taken into account. Aim for SEO to increase your conversions!

Social Media Marketing: a complete company profile within social media is a very valuable resource for gaining greater visibility of business activity. The social network is the main tool for contact and interaction with existing and potential customers.

Finally, what is the timeframe and budget needed to activate digital advertising?

Monitoring the results of an Internet advertising campaign is very quick and easy. From BrandingBizz's experience in the field with our customers we can provide some simple pointers:

  1. Timing: the choices made in activated advertising campaigns, which can be evaluated on the basis of performance results, take at least three months.

  2. Initial budget: In the start-up phase, a budget of between €500 and €1,000 per month for the first three months may be sufficient to understand the profitability levels of campaigns.

If you want to discover the benefits of digital advertising for your business, click here for a personal consultation.

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