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Online Marketing - adapt or die

by Louise Pimm

Practical tips for your online Marketing

BrandingBizz explains how online Marketing works during crisis and what you can do now to stand firmer, when all businesses will immediately start again.

Online Marketing is a necessary tool for every small business, in order to keep actual clients and gain new ones. But, how much must a business invest, which kind of channels like Google, Facebook and Instagram should be improved for reaching the goal of gaining more and more potential clients and building up loyalty with them? Our world gets stronger every day and is linked over the net. So, it’s late, but never too late, to switch on online visibility strategies. This has been clearly proved last Spring 2020 during the Corona Crisis. Those who didn’t care for online channels, who had no good online visibility, and their website couldn’t be found easily with a Google search, had no Blog, no YouTube Channel, who didn’t care for e.mail marketing or had no punctual presence in social media, they all suddenly were invisible!

Many business owners ask themselves:

  • How can I keep my business alive with digital marketing, keep on living through these hard times and finally succeed in being still alive in the future?

  • How can I communicate with my clients and tell them they can still get my services and products, although local restrictions seem to stop all and everything?

  • How much must I invest, in terms of budget, and which measures do I have to apply today, in order to be successful in the future?

What does the marketing agency exactly do with my Budget?

BrandingBizz, the digital marketing agency located in the Algarve gives you following answers and tips:

  1. Make a check of your marketing activities and get rid of any useless matter.

  2. Change your Marketing budget into a winning tool, for example focusing on online marketing, which gives you the chance to develop your marketing on online channels, which are marketing activities you get at a much lower price than the printed advertising, this means saving money, and which are, furthermore, measurable by tools of analysis systems. The goal of good marketing controlling is to reach the highest gains possible for the business. This can be obtained by planning each single result in a very scrupulous way, measuring exactly the efficiency of these means and optimizing your marketing budget.

  3. The Golden Rule for online marketing in medium sized businesses is: “Invest more time and personnel for your marketing".

BrandingBizz can confirm: nowadays you cannot avoid from planning one employee, who dedicates enough time and responsibility to a good online marketing for your business. Now business owners and employees with marketing- and sales skills are a must and should be always strengthened with job training and professional education.

In exactly this moment Business owners are looking for experts, who are there for any feedback and question which may arise: a professional assistance given by external experts in online marketing, who can transmit their employees a new know-how.

“Be ready when it’s time to start again. When you get the feeling that everything is going to fall apart, try to stay calm, everything is only going to be newly sorted out."

Exactly this kind of calmness all business owners should take advantage of, in order to be efficient and ready as soon as good times are back.

Don’t waste your precious time! Now you need to communicate your offers to your clients, now you have to be visible on the Internet more than ever! Do it and talk about it right now!


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