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Opportunities abound: let's grab them!

The Algarve is the most popular tourist attraction in recent years: Portugal won the Oscar «Best Tourist Destination in Europe» for the fifth year in a row, at the 29th edition of the tourism award, held in Palma de Majorca, at the World Travel Awards 2022. Moreover, the Lusitanian country, together with this title, has collected another 30 prestigious awards in various sectors: products, services, regions, destinations.

Such numerous accolades led Rita Marques, Secretary of State for Tourism, Commerce and Services to happily declare: «Portugal's success has a particular significance after the years of the pandemic. It is with great pride that we see companies, professionals and national tourism bodies in an international context. All the agents of the sector must be congratulated for having taken up this challenge which consists in elevating Portugal under all circumstances to a tourist destination of excellence".

But how can small local businesses such as restaurants, pizzerias, shops, artisans, hotels, etc. reach this huge potential pool of international customers? It is not easy.

A constant online presence is fundamental and it must be supported by a multi-channel marketing project. But how do you implement such an articulated strategy? Here's the answer:

A highly competitive digital project is mandatory, which consists of three important digital areas that interact with each other in a coordinated way:

  • Advertising

  • SEO

  • Social Media Marketing

It's about taking care of your brand's Social Media Marketing strategy, creating sponsored campaigns on social media or through Google Ads, and at the same time, increasing online positioning (SEO) to intercept the right audience on Google. This is definitely the winning strategy!

Our digital strategies are specifically designed for those commercial activities that are not independently able to develop the right marketing strategy or do not have the time to do it.

Rely on a competent and experienced digital marketing agent, who manages the entire communication process of your business, from the first step of putting your presence online, up to the successful result, i.e. reaching the desired customer target, is the best investment you can make for your business, in terms of both spending your budget and time.

BrandingBizz always provides the right solution.

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