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Rebranding your Online Business When You Don’t Have a Lot of Resources

Updated: May 26, 2021

Rebranding is one of the most crucial, but often neglected part of most online businesses. Even the few businesses that value and understand rebranding believe that it would cost a lot of money and time. This is quite true, considering the potential and prospects it brings if carried out successfully. However, good branding can be achieved on a tight budget if you plan it right.

There are many services online that you can patronize and tips that you can follow to fit your rebranding plans into your budget.

Here are a few tips from BrandingBizz:

- Set Achievable Goals: Branding is a tasking and time consuming creative process. It requires a step by step approach and proper planning to get the best results. The budget you can spare, the time frame you have to work with, the response of your customers or viewers, and much more. These key things are going to be your guide, but they all depend on how much you have to spare and the results you are interested in getting.

- Work on your visuals: creating stunning visuals is one of the top ways to rebrand your online business. However, employing professional logo designers might give a huge blow to your budget. The way around this is to use a free online resource like Logo Creator to create your business logo and other visuals by yourself. If the creative process is not your thing, you can always contact BrandingBizz for help.

- Create an Identity: the main idea behind rebranding is to create an identity. Your customers need to know who you are and what you stand for. You can go on and keep telling them what you offer and what they stand to gain from patronizing you. But, it cannot be as efficient as letting your brand speak for itself. This is an avenue to tell the world about your brand and answer any possible question that they might have. People want to know more about your brand and answering the questions they might have with your brand and craft makes you stand out a lot more.

- Involve your Customers: One thing that a lot of the big brands are enjoying today is the fact that their customers do most of the advertising and branding for them. Coca-Cola and Apple have become household names not only because they run interesting online ads, but because they have the backing of a lot of customers. You should reach out to your customers to ask them what they feel about your services and what you can do to serve them better. This not only builds trust but also makes your customers invested in you while helping you build your brand.

- Make your customers’ satisfaction your priority: Once your services are top-notch, you would begin to gain some attention. Now, this is the best time to step up your game and even offer better quality services. As your branding and better services speak volumes of your quality, you should make sure you keep your customers satisfied at all costs. Building a reputable brand with a growing list of customer complaints would not only destroy your branding efforts but also tarnish your business in the long run.

As an online business, the majority of your customers would mostly be looking at the screens on their laptops and mobile devices to reach you and purchase your services. You can benefit from this if you can stimulate them with engaging visuals to promote your brand. Then and only then, would you have the edge to push your brand bigger than you may have projected”. Lisa Ryen, Brandingbizz Co-founder

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