It all began on one of the amazing beaches in Portugal, where we met as two expats coming from Italy. Friendship came quite immediately and became stronger and stronger every day!

We are both of Italian origins, but born and raised in foreign countries and now living in Portugal.

Our very similar professional careers, which include many years in Tourism and Event Management, as well as in Online Marketing and Communication, jointly with our strong passion for Social Media Marketing, especially in the Travel sector, and our unusual multilingual skills, brought us quite soon in founding the BrandingBizz project.

BrandingBizz is the right “partner in communication strategies” for every kind of business.

Follow us and find out, what great opportunities

the global network can offer to your business.”

Ariane Frasson

Born and raised in Germany, I live between Portugal and Italy. 

I began my professional path in the tour operating and hotelier branch and reached my final position as Marketing Manager in the legal/insurance branch. 

Social Media Marketing, Advertising and Event Management for small\medium sized and big multinational companies have always been the main activity of my professional life.

I'm German and Italian native speaker, translator and interpreter; fluent in English and I know other languages as French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Lisa Ryen

I define myself as a “Citizen of the World”; I was born in Canada, I lived in Italy, France and now I live in Portugal.

My professional experience initiated around my passion for Tourism. My background as Specialist in Sales and Marketing, and work in Event Management and Customer Care led me to cooperate with small and medium sized companies throughout Europe. 

I'm an English and Italian native speaker; interpreter and translator; fluent in French and I speak other languages, such as Spanish and Portuguese.